Musical Instrument Repair Workshop

With a reputation extending back over thirty years, the repairer, who works from home, had outgrown his spare room.

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As a result, they decided to create a dedicated space in their back garden to work in, separate from family life.

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Client Brief

To create an outdoor space in which our reputed client could repair musical instruments, separating their professional and personal life. The room needed to be equipped with plenty of storage space for their expansive set of tools and additional features implemented that would avoid them having to journey back to the main house, thus interrupting their work throughout the day.

Our Solution

We created a unique, private space that was closely tailored to the client’s needs at the end of their garden. We included special features such as a separate toilet room so there’d be no need to interrupt their work with routine visits to the house. Special consideration was given to light, too - we incorporated large windows so that lots of natural light could get into the main area of the room, thereby making it a bright, positive area to work in. The windows were further reflective so no-one could see inside the room from the outside, allowing the client to work in privacy. We moreover fitted reinforced pad foundations, perfect for supporting a heavy lathe - one of the client’s chiefly used tools - making the room more bespoke to them.

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