Guest's Annexe, Surrey

The client was looking to build a duo-garden room, which could be used as both a recreational space for the family and place for guests to stay in when visiting.

Ref: GRD1

To accommodate these dual-needs, the space had to be large, bright and versatile, fitting to the requirements of a number of different potential temporary inhabitants and providing a welcoming atmosphere that fit everyone’s liking!

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Client Brief

The client required a multifunctional garden room that would sit well within the existing surrounds while serving the needs of its many visitors. A timber building was the ideal solution - insular, attractive and versatile, we knew from the brief that we could create a gorgeous garden room that blended in seamlessly with the owner’s property and had ample strength against the elements, creating a lovely and secure little ‘home away from home’.

Our Solution

We built a large, attractive space fitted with special features to fit everyone’s needs, including brown-stained featheredge exterior cladding, a separate toilet and shower room and a red accent wall - visual and practical additions that culminated in a lovely collective finish. Ultimately, the build was a gorgeously polished, cosy space that both the family and their guests could enjoy throughout the year.

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