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From organising your planning and building regulations, through to our comprehensive insurance policies and lease finance, we can make your journey to owning your new building as easy and risk free as possible.

Planning services

Our planning service is designed to help you apply for planning permission for your new building. You can choose from two levels of service to give you control as to how much you want us involved in this important stage of your new project.

Establishing if you require planning permission

It is highly likely that planning permission will be required for most timber framed buildings. There are exceptions which may allow you to erect a building within permitted development rights.  The best way to establish if you require planning permission is to visit the governments planning portal mini guide for outbuildings.  The mini guide shows graphically what is allowed under permitted development.  If you feel that your building does not fit into these requirements, then it is very likely that you will require planning permission.

It may also be worth you discussing your project with your local Council who will be able to advise the best course of action.

How can The Stable Company help you with Planning Permission?

If your timber building requires a formal planning application, then customers of The Stable Company can take advantage of our free* planning services. We have many years experience of handling planning applications all over the UK and can guide you and advise you on the whole process. When handled professionally, you stand the best chance of receiving the planning permission you require.

With our extensive planning experience, we are able to help you with your planning application by providing two levels of service:

Level 1: Drawings only

What can you expect?

 - Production of elevation drawings and plan view to local council standards;

 - Six copies of the drawing printed onto A1 paper.

Fee: 2.5% of project value plus VAT*

Level 2: Planning application

What can you expect?

 - Purchase of a set of digital Ordinance Survey maps for your property / land;

 - Completing and submitting all the planning application forms;

 - Production of elevation drawings and location plans, printed onto A1 paper;

 - Completion of design and access statement.

Fee: 5% of project value plus VAT*

* Subject to planning permission approval and the purchase of the quoted building, the planning or drawing fee is deducted from your deposit payment, making our service free to customers who purchase a building from us.  Our planning fee includes the local authority planning fee.  A copy of our detailed terms and conditions are available on request.  These are usually provided to customers at the time of quotation.

Building regulations services

Building regulations are separate from planning permission and look at the ability of the building structure to do its job properly. For example, fire, structural integrity, insulation, means of escape, and so on.

Establishing if you require building regulations

Not all buildings require building regulations.  Below is some basic guidance for information only.  We recommend that you call us first or visit the governments planning portal website to get a better understanding of whether your building may require building regulations approval.

Equestrian Buildings

Most equestrian buildings in England and Wales are exempt from building regulations under Regulation 9, Class III greenhouses and agricultural buildings. However, there are exceptions to the rule such as a commercial yard or even a building that occupies a boundary posing a fire risk. In Scotland you will almost certainly require a Building Warrant certificate before you can commence work.  Unless agreed otherwise in writing, it will be your responsibility to determine whether your building requires building regulations and to inform us accordingly. 

Garages, Outbuildings, Garden Rooms and Educational buildings

For other types of buildings, in England and Wales,  when the footprint of the building exceeds 30m2 and/or the building is less than 1m from a boundary, there is a very high chance that building regulations will be required . We strongly advise that you talk to us in the first instance to discuss these requirements.  In Scotland you will almost certainly require a Building Warrant certificate before you can commence work.  Unless agreed otherwise in writing, it will be your responsibility to determine whether your building requires building regulations and to inform us accordingly. 

We are happy to provide some basic advice on building regulations and would recommend that you visit the governments planning portal website for more information about building regulations for your project.

How can we help you?

The Stable Company can assist customers gain building regulations approval for their buildings, once planning permission (if required) has been granted and a deposit has been paid.  A building regulations application submitted must include detailed specifications, drawings of the building and substructure, supported by any calculations and information relevant to the design.  There are always uncertainties when constructing a new building such as ground conditions, means of escape, proximity to boundaries and other structures which are always unique to your project.  Whilst we try and design our buildings with building regulations in mind, we cannot guarantee that the final specification will meet the approval of building regulations in the first instance. 

Approved inspector service

We recommend the use of third party inspector service with national coverage.  We work closely with our building regulations service provider to ensure that the lead time is reduced when making an application.  Our supplier know our buildings intimately and therefore can quickly process our application to get your building registered as fast as possible.  We charge a fee for this service which may be detailed in your quote or given as an additional cost. Any fee we quote includes the submission of the application, the relevant fees, all drawings, structural calculations and information required by the approved inspector.  There may be, from time to time, additional reports requested by the building inspector that are required to complete the application, such as a ground survey or soil samples, etc that are not included in our quote.  These will be quoted separately at the appropriate time.

In Scotland, you must obtain a Building Warrant and this can only be done through the local Council or an approved agent.  Please call us to discuss this if you require more details.

What if I want to do the building regulations myself?

If you decide to undertake the building regulations application yourself and depending upon the final design of your building, we may be able to provide some of the information required for free.  However, we reserve the right to quote additional costs if specific information is required such as structural calculations, drawings, change in specification, and so on.


The Stable Company offers peace of mind with a 10 year external envelope warranty.

10 year Warranty

We stand by the quality of our timber buildings and offer you peace of mind with a 10 year warranty on the external envelope of the building.  The external envelope includes such things as structural problems, water ingress, manufacturing defects, etc, ensuring that if the worst happens, then you have something to turn to to get the problem sorted out quickly. A copy of our warranty is available on request.


For further peace of mind, The Stable Company is a member of TRADA, our approved association and expert in the field of timber frame design.  All of our design, construction and installation methods follow best practice provided by TRADA.  For further information about TRADA, please visit their website by clicking on the link provided.

If you require any further information about the contents of this page, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lease financing

Helping you finance your project

If you are looking to purchase a building on behalf of a business or a commercial organisation such as a school or a health care centre we can offer a lease finance package to help support your project.

In partnership with a leading independent finance company we're able to offer our commercial customers lease finance for some of our buildings.

Subject to fulfilling the application criteria, your new building could be funded with a fixed term, fixed rate, lease rental facility with full ownership of the building passing  over to your business or organisation at the end of the term.

The benefits

  • A tax efficient way to finance all or part of your build
  • It offers fixed rate financing meaning that you pay at the same rate even when costs increase
  • It avoids the need to use existing bank credit facilities
  • There is less initial cash outlay
  • You can take advantage of the cash flow benefits of spreading the cost
  • Lease payments can be deducted as a business expense on your tax return

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