Outside Drinks Bar

We were thrilled to be asked to create an exciting outdoor bar to accompany the brasserie of a high-end hotel and spa in North Yorkshire.

Ref: OUT9

A unique and fun brief, we knew the space we built would be enjoyed for years afterwards, thus poured all our efforts into making a space fit to last that was further visually exquisite and comfortable to use on a regular basis.

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Client Brief

The hotel was keen to expand the offering and appeal of its already popular brasserie by adding a stunning timber outbuilding that would deliver a full bar experience, perfect for summer evenings and weddings. The build needed to complement the hotel’s existing features and grounds and prove an attractive entertainment spot for guests, too - making timber the perfect choice, the ideal material for blending into a rural setting while giving off a rustic, friendly feel.

Our Solution

We created a simple, elegant building that perfectly matched the existing premises, providing guests with a stunning courtyard space from which to enjoy the outdoors. We included a sturdy bar, built compactly enough to ensure longevity despite constant use, a spacious area behind it for the staff to move around in and used lightly-coloured timber to provide a bright, cosy atmosphere.

Total build time 2 Weeks

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