Outdoor Visitor Centre, Middlesex

Ref: OUT4

Our Middlesex client wanted a spacious and versatile visitor centre fit to entertain several guests at once, spanning a range of requirements and functionalities. The rural setting was perfect for a timber build, and gave both us and the client plenty of inspiration as per the aesthetic finish of the centre and vibe we wanted to create.

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Client Brief

To create a spacious, multipurpose visitor centre which met the client’s needs while delivering a natural, pleasing aesthetic within the build’s woodland setting. The room needed to be warm, welcoming and visually-complementary to the fantastic rural surrounds - with plenty of space inside to accommodate many guests at once. The space also needed to be well-lit and include areas for socialising outdoors and indoors, making it appropriate for use throughout the seasons and giving guests plenty of options as to where they could entertain.

Our Solution

We created a beautiful, unique build to the client’s specifications and included key features such as English green oak posts and beams, making it appear as though it had always belonged in the midst of all the surrounding greenery. Additionally, we fully-finished it with an insulated interior and double-glazed doors and windows so that it would stay warm in the colder months, and a picnic area outside perfect for al fresco dining - ultimately creating a versatile visitor centre that would be sure to suit a range of ages, interests and requirements.

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