Rowing Room with Hot Tub

We were very excited to receive this unique request - to build an eco-garden room featuring a rowing machine AND a hot tub!

Ref: GRE1

Situated in a gorgeous natural setting, we knew this brief posed an opportunity to create something incredibly quirky in the client’s existing space, which would take a lot of creative planning and executing.

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Client Brief

We were asked to build a space where the client could both train on his rowing machine and relax afterwards in a beautiful hot tub. The area was to be quite large in case he had guests visiting with access to the outdoors and indoors so that he’d be able to take advantage of good weather when it came! He also wanted to have a view over the city from the new facility.

Our Solution

We built the client a bespoke garden room for his rowing machine and hot tub. We levitated the room from the ground as he lived on a sloping surface, allowing access to the room with a fantastically installed oak staircase. In the build itself, we split the rowing machine and hot tub with a thick wall so that neither space impeded on the feel of the other (the relaxing/working partitions). The half of the build which contained the rowing machine was fully indoors, closed in with large, bi-fold sliding doors, which comprised the wall overlooking the city so the client could see the view come rain or shine. The side of the room containing the hot tub was half-exposed with no wall between the hot tub itself and the view overlooking the city - helping the client to connect to his beautiful surrounds when residing there. We did, however, cover the tub with a gorgeous sedum green roof supported by oak posts and beams - a lovely natural finishing touch to the project.

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