Garden Art Studio, Shropshire

This client required a specialist area to be used as a calm, serene and creative space.

Ref: GRD6

Already having a beautifully landscaped garden, we knew immediately that a timber build would be perfect for them, complementing their existing grounds while comprising a fantastic tranquil nook for creativity that’d be secure throughout the seasons.

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Client Brief

The client required an outdoor art studio where they could flex their creativity, feel inspired and find artistic sanctuary. They wanted plenty of storage space for all their art utensils and a distinctly ‘natural’ feel to pervade the build, as well as facilities where they could clean their tools, keeping them all in good nick.

Our Solution

Following the client’s brief closely, we built an adorable timber construct in the heart of their picturesque garden, fitted with a sink for washing their art utensils, plenty of cupboards and space to store them afterwards and even a separate toilet room so they wouldn’t have to interrupt their work to travel back to the main body of the house. We fitted the room with massive windowed doors, too, so the artist could look out onto their beautiful flowerbeds and foliage for inspiration - moreover allowing plenty of natural light into the room and contributing to the beautiful, bright feel of the interior.

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