Three-bay Luxury Garage

Luxury garage with three bays.

Ref: GSS15

This is an architecturally-designed timber garage for three cars. The space incorporates a range of bespoke features and special touches; with exquisite design down to the finest detail, this is much more than a garage.

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Client Brief

The project came with a number of technical challenges, such as major sloping on the plot, which needed to be taken into consideration.

Moreover, the client needed something luxury — a timber garage that’s as aspirational as the cars it contains. This means bespoke features and a cutting-edge design that’s considered down to the finest details.

Our Solution

This garage project was a particularly technically challenging one, with a two-to-three metre fall off at the back. The client had experienced difficulties with the capabilities of other contractors, but we were able to implement a range of creative technical solutions to make the project a go-er.

We worked closely with the client to scope out all possibilities. This allowed us to realise a design and layout that was fully bespoke to their needs and requirements.

With a range of tailored features including insulation, air conditioning, automatic doors and automatic lights, nothing has been spared to create a truly modern, luxury space. This garage is designed to the minutiae: even down to the amount of light needed.

The Result

Seamlessly blending into the gorgeous surroundings, the finished product is a garage befitting of its high-value, aspirational contents.

This is much more than simply a garage; it’s a leisure space in and of itself, where the impeccable collection of cars can be admired and enjoyed.

I wanted the garage to be the best it could be, and that’s what The Stable Company delivered. When you look at the finished building, I didn’t expect it to be this good. They exceeded my expectations.


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