Three bay timber garage

We were tasked to build a three-bay garage with storeroom above.

Ref: GRA5

The private customer, living in the heart of the beautiful British countryside, needed a space for their cars to sit securely within when not in use. The building needed to be spacious, rustic and strong - in particular, able to withstand the elements, so the client could confidently leave their vehicles there throughout the year.

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Client Brief

The client required a three-bay garage with a storeroom above to house their vehicles and all supporting tools/gear. They were keen that the build were to reflect the rural spirit of their village, and adopt the same stylistic elements their own home and gardens possessed. Ultimately, although they wanted the build to be impressive, spacious and practical, their priority was to have it blend in with its surroundings - making it look like a natural extension of the dark green foliage on their driveway.

Timber was the perfect solution. An incredibly versatile material, the malleability of timber ensured that we could could fit their bespoke vision to the letter, and its aesthetic was sure to complement the client’s gorgeous, natural setting.

Our Solution

Following the client’s specifications and using our Complete Care package, we built them a gorgeous, secure timber garage with three bays and a large attic above, paying special considerations to their personal requirements. For instance, to help the building blend into its surroundings, a lot of thought was put into the positioning of the build - off-road behind trees and shrubs, the masking hedgerow additionally helping to ensure that it didn’t visually intrude on the client’s property and take away from the phenomenal landscape.

We also were careful to ensure that all elements of the building itself blended together, too. A gorgeous, oak staircase was built to lead the way up to the attic room, matching the dark timber of the walls. The roof itself comprised of a charcoal grey asphalt shingle, and the garage doors were created in natural timber with matching trims, fascia and soffit boards - tying the look and feel of the build neatly together while aesthetically nodding to the building’s lovely, rural landscape. Further, to increase the cosy feel of the interior, we fitted the attic room with lovely, large skylights, so natural light could drop through.

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