Bespoke Garage, Peterborough

A three-bay garage with oak beams, staircase and a room above.

Ref: GRA4

Looking for an impactful aesthetic and versatile building, able to fulfil a range of needs and requirements? Perhaps you’re looking for something like our Peterborough client’s build, then - a three-bay garage fitted with plenty of extra features that allow for a multitude of uses.

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Client Brief

The client sought a storage and accommodation solution that would maximise available space in the most practical and visually impactful way. We were requested to devise a scheme that combined a garage with a room above that would allow flexibility for change of use over time - fitted with plenty of trademark Stable Company unique features too, of course!

Our Solution

We built a three-bay garage with a first floor room, ideal for his needs. A strong oak staircase to the right of the construction leads to the room which is well-lit by built-in windows and and covered with a lovely, slate-tiled roof. Each garage in the block of three is spacious enough to store whatever the client needs, or to be used for whatever active purpose. This large and accommodating space was just what was required for the client to live and entertain there comfortably, and the gorgeous aesthetics of the building in the heart of the client’s green grounds ensures that he’ll be proud to show it off whenever he has guests!

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