American Barn, North Yorkshire

Ref: EBB5

Our client wanted an aesthetically smart build that would provide ample protection from the elements and sit well within the grounds of his property. Hello, American-style barn!

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Location: North Yorkshire

Client Brief

We were asked to create a substantial timber build that was to include six stalls and two open hay stores all with The Stable Company’s trademark, polished timber finish and bespoke elements. The client wanted the space to be bright, strong and versatile, able to mould to a variety of purposes and able to provide ample protection to its inhabitants from the elements.

Our Solution

We built an American-style, resilient barn which included plenty of excellent, functional elements such as fibre cement roof sheets, shiplap cladding, internal partitions and Bambossi tongue and groove boards (to lower the partition sections) - all topped off with a lovely, natural finish.

The Result

The finished product is really smart in appearance and its style can easily be customised to suit individual needs. I opted for The Stable Company as they were local, well-established and could offer me the complete design and build service.

Ian Darcy

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