Children's Health education

Health Education

Educate your class about the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle.

  • British Nutrition Foundation

    A vast array of resources to support teachers and pupils in schools learning about food and nutrition including posters, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, ICT templates and much more.

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  • Children’s Food Trust

    Protecting every child's right to eat better, have the balanced diet, cooking skills, and food education they need for good health and to reach their potential.

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  • Food a Fact of Life

    Provides a wealth of free resources about healthy eating, cooking, food, and farming for children and young people aged 3 to 16 years.

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  • Food for Life

    The Food for Life Partnership has a range of downloadable education resources for specific tasks and more general ideas for teaching the curriculum.

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  • Grain Chain

    A curriculum linked education resource for teachers. Find tailored teaching materials, worksheets, videos, quizzes, recipes and activities about farming, milling, and baking.

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  • Great Grub Club

    Plenty of free ideas and downloadable resources to get you and your KS1 or KS2 class learning about healthy living.

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  • PE Scholar

    A free community website for sharing high quality physical education resources, lesson plans, academic articles, and more.

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  • Sustrans

    Working with hundreds of schools throughout the UK each year to encourage pupils to be more active, enabling thousands of children to travel actively and safely.

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  • The Health Education Trust (HET)

    A UK registered charity, formed to promote the development of health education for young people.

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