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A Tall Tale
- the timber journey

You may have heard of Story Stones before, or even made your own, but if not, these decorated pebbles are created to help guide the process of storytelling. They are a wonderful addition to a classroom or activity to help children follow plot points, engage with characters or learn new and interesting facts.

As a company passionate about natural materials, we are excited to present our own and of course, what better story to tell than the one about how timber gets from seed to structure?

Here’s our ‘Tall Tale’ Story Stones journey for you to explore:

Stone 1

Far far away, the tree is grown, the time is nearly here, the chance to become something else, but what it is not clear. New ones are left, to replace the old, so forests grow anew, but can you guess what happens next, or do you need a clue?

Fun Fact

The world is home to more than 23,000 different kinds of trees.

Stone 2

First to air, wet wood’s no good and then off to be sawn. This means cut and shaped just right, it’s then the timber’s born.

Fun Fact

The Giant Sequoia Tree of California can weigh more than 5,500 tonnes! That’s more than 785 African elephants!

Stone 3

What happens next is just a wait until someone snaps it up, transported far to a site where wait the plans to be built up.

Fun Fact

Some trees talk to each other. When willows are threatened by insect pests, they give off a chemical warning to nearby trees, who then give off more tannin to put the insects off.

Stone 4

A house, a home, a stable too, there are no limits here. The tree has found a brand new role, that’ll last for many years.

Fun Fact

Trees can live for thousands of years. The oldest known living tree is over 5000 years old, a Great Basin bristlecone pine in California.

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