SEN Outdoor Activity Building

Classroom with changing.

Here is some design inspiration for a single classroom along with changing facilities, ideal for promoting outdoor learning.

Size: 105m2

Number of pupils: 10

Ref: SEN04

Designed, delivered and installed from £180,000 excl. VAT*

This design example provides the space, functionality and facilities for a learning space accommodating up to 8 pupils with special educational needs.

This building is perfect for promoting outdoor activity and sports, containing an engaging, large teaching space along with an accessible changing facility. A building like this is ideally situated at the edge of school playing fields, allowing quick access to, and a connection with, the outdoors. 

Our experience in creating teaching spaces for children with additional needs has allowed us to iterate to the perfect design; layout, fittings and features have been carefully selected to maximise safety, accessibility and to optimise the learning experience. A SEN space such as this would incorporate the following essential features:

  • Level access and wide doors, providing seamless wheelchair egress and ingress throughout.
  • An uplifting, energising space, allowing for clear lines of sight, thereby aiding communication for students with SLCN (speech, language and communication needs) impairments.
  • Wide, open classrooms, enabling segmentation of the room. This can provide clam, isolated spaces for children with BESD (Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulty) and ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder); these pupils may require time away from others. This also allows children to take ownership of their space.

  • A range of options for wall and ceiling colour and textures.

  • Colourful fittings, as well as large floor-to-ceiling windows which “bring the outside in”. These adaptations allow you to personalise the level of sensory stimulation to the needs of your pupils.

  • Small, accessible kitchenette.

  • Hygiene and toilet facilities fully catered to the needs of pupils with additional needs.

These buildings provide the perfect creative space for young minds to develop. We’re able to guide you through the customisation of the floor plan, styles and specifications from an array of available options. We love being able to share the expertise we’ve gained through our work with the many SEN schools we’ve partnered with; each site is different, requiring a bespoke, tailored solution - our passion and expertise is in providing exactly that.

Accessibility is, undoubtedly, crucial. However, the SEN classrooms we create go even further. These teaching spaces need to be stimulating, engaging and highly versatile - facilitating learning through play and exceeding expectations whilst addressing a range of complex needs.

Depending on these needs, you might want to consider a range of additional features. Proving popular are living roofs, coloured, textured walls and sliding folding doors; an SEN teaching space should be a multi-sensory environment - we’re here to guide you and see what might work for your bespoke setup. We’ve also created a dedicated guide on the considerations when designing a SEN classroom.

Financial considerations are also key. Luckily, the environmental sustainability of timber building projects often opens them up to grants, loans and other financial support. Visit our dedicated Funding Page for some useful links, advice and guidance.

We love the timber buildings we create - and so do our clients. With over 800 projects successfully completed and 16 years’ experience under our belt, you can place your trust in us to deliver a bespoke, customised solution that ticks all the boxes for your pupils and staff.

Get in touch through the enquiry form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your timber SEN teaching space - no obligation whatsoever. Let’s turn your idea into a reality.

* Price subject to a site visit and written quotation

Value added features

  • A bespoke, architecturally designed solution.

  • Customised and tailored to the specific needs of your school.

  • Technically-progressive: incorporating the latest technology, sustainable materials and construction methods.

  • High energy efficiency: lower running costs and a more eco-friendly setup.

  • A faster construction timescale, reducing on-site disruption.

  • A solution that meets all building standards.

  • Turnkey project management methods: taking all the hassle out of the project.

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