Dinner Hall and Gym, Bedfordshire

A new facility for a school and its local community to use.

Ref: ED25

A school in Bedfordshire was in desperate need of a new multi-use facility for their space-sensitive school to fulfil a range of requirements for their staff and attendees. They were also keen that the new construction could be utilised by the local village community for social events.

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Client Brief

Chiefly, this village school needed to increase their facilities provision - they did not have a main hall, nor a separate area for P.E., assembly, dinner hour or after school clubs. Therefore, they needed a new building that was spacious and also incredibly flexible, suitable for a host of purposes. This same ‘need’ would also serve the wider community when using the building themselves for village events. A timber building was the perfect solution for both the school and those outside of it - bespoke, cost-effective and malleable to their niche vision.

Our Solution

We created a brand new space at the rear of the property, befitted with a main hall, washroom facilities, store room and a small kitchenette for meal preparation. We worked closely with the teachers to ensure our build fit their requirements and made every step necessary to complete the project with a beautiful, polished finish. We also used our Complete Care Solution which included planning permission, building control, sub-contractor management, testing and commissioning.

Total build time 6 Weeks

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