Two Group Teaching Spaces

A two-group teaching space in the beautiful outdoors.

Ref: ED21

This school wanted a space where they could make, play and create! With practical learning activities in focus, we created a two-group teaching space with plenty of additional features, polished off with gorgeous decoration to match the school’s exquisite setting.

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Client Brief

The school was in desperate need of an area where they could teach, chiefly, dance and design and technology classes - loud and hands-on lessons which needed plenty of space, which could further be taught without fear of disturbing the quieter classes going on in the main body of the school. To this same end, they also required additional features in their standalone building, so that pupils wouldn’t have to disturb their learning to make routine trips to the main school throughout the day.

Our Solution

We built a space in an unused area at the edge of the playground - close to the main body of the school but separate enough so that the pupils could create noise without impeding on other lessons. Additionally, we included everything the pupils and teachers would need, such as a small kitchenette, washroom and toilet areas - so they could stay there all day if they wanted!

Total build time 7 Weeks

The Result

The new space was built with an aim to support the school’s adapting learning curriculum, which was introducing Waldorf Education - an addition involving practical, hands on activities. The new creative, natural and artistic space was built helps foster both the pupil’s creative and analytical modes of understanding. The building is also regularly used by outside organisations in the wider community.

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