A versatile outdoor classroom for preschool children was needed for Bromesberrow to accommodate their school’s rapid growth.

Ref: ED19

The building needed to complement the school’s fantastic grounds while providing a secure and entertaining venue for preschool learning.

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Client Brief

We were asked to create a completely bespoke timber building to sit with Bromesberrow’s existing school facilities, specifically catering for their preschool pupils. The space needed to be safe, playful and versatile, used for a range of teaching and recreational activities appropriate for the age range while serving as a fun and inspiring idyll for attendees of the class.

Our Solution

Working closely with the headteacher, we designed and built a much-needed outdoor space that the preschool children could use for all their needs. With the young age demographic in mind, we added special features including low surface temperature heaters, door finger protectors, heavy duty carpet tiles and flame retardant pin boards, all with a view to create a bespoke safe haven for the kids, helping the teachers to relax while on duty and focus more on the lessons at hand.

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