Outdoor Classroom, Wiltshire

A school in Wiltshire was suffering from an increasing demand for places, and needed a new space to branch out into to accommodate all new students comfortably.

Ref: ED17

A timber build was the perfect solution - constructed on the school’s grounds without tampering with the main body of the school whatsoever, there was no disturbance to the pupil’s daily routines as construction work went on, and we were able to create a rustic-looking space that beautifully matched the school’s natural grounds.

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Client Brief

To continue to maintain high standards and meet the needs of pupils, we were asked to create a new outdoor classroom complete with its own utilities, so that pupils attending the class did not need to journey back to the main school to fulfil their needs and requirements. In addition, the teachers were eager that the new area would inspire a positive attitude towards learning in their pupils, the room serving as a bright space that would closely connect the students to the school’s rural grounds, invigorating their creativity.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the headteacher to design and build an extra classroom for the school. We divided the building into a large teaching space with a store room and disabled toilet, and fitted it with special features such as bifold doors and low surface temperature heaters so that the space would be maximally comfortable and functional. We also fitted in exceptionally large windows inviting views of the school’s gorgeous, spanning grounds from the classroom, which helped the room feel closer to nature and filled it, further, with natural light.

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