Outdoor Staff Room

Ref: ED16

A school in Wiltshire required a refuge for seeking peace and quiet during break times. Knowing how important it is to have space to recharge and grab a coffee whenever possible, we were more than happy to jump headfirst into their project and give them a much-deserved hand! 

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Client Brief

We were asked to create a lovely outdoor staff room for the teachers of this Wiltshire school to use during break times and free periods. They wanted a large space where they could both relax and work - so ideally, a space that allowed room for desks, chairs, filing cabinets and tables as well as useful kitchen appliances and tools such as a kettle and microwave - ticking boxes for all staff room visitors, whether they were there for business or leisure.

Our Solution

We created a compact but useful space for the teachers that didn’t intrude too heavily on the school’s grounds and complemented the existing space aesthetically, too. Working closely with them, we used our planning and building expertise to meet their wishes, and threw in a couple of attractive extras, too - including a fully-hipped cedar shingle roof!

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