Kirklington School

A meadow roof adorns this gorgeous single classroom.

Ref: ED27

We created a compact building for a small school, measuring 11.5m x 7.0m (80m2), providing a bespoke group teaching space complete with handy toilet facilities - the ideal expansion for Kirklington’s rural setting.

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Client Brief

Before Kirklington School contacted us, they were using the hall as a classroom and had no disabled toilet facilities to hand. Expanding on the main body of the school, too, was financially prohibitive to them. Cue, one of our standalone timber buildings - perfect for Kirklington’s grounds, which would complement their existing rural setting, provide the crucial facilities they were missing and all without tampering with the main body of the school at all.  

Planning application within 14 weeks

Our Solution

We built a new classroom - used primarily for Year Five and Six pupils, the new space can hold about 20 pupils (plus a teacher and assistant). We also attached a multi-functional toilet which doubles-up as a hygiene suit, improving on the school’s existing toilet facilities. Located right across from the main school, it fitted perfectly on some disused ground, and the meadow roof made sure that in an area of outstanding beauty, it blended perfectly with its surroundings.

Total build time 7 weeks

The Result

The building benefits from a meadow roof system which attracts its own wildlife.  The roof requires very little maintenance and is planted to suit the local native species.  In addition, a roof such as this utilises 70% of the rainfall it receives, reducing the surface run-off.  Finally, to complete the sustainability of the building, a concrete free foundation system was used.

The building measures 11.5m x 7.0m (80m2).

We don't know how we managed for so long without out this building! The pupils were so excited to move in, we had to move before it was actually signed off - we couldn't make them wait any longer - for Year Six in particular, who will be leaving in July, it's been wonderful to finally inhabit the space they've been raising funds for over the last three years. Honestly, it's a dream come true for us.

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