Wood is good… for your pocket


Looking for a cost-effective solution to suit your construction needs? Go for timber.

Famous for its versatility, sustainable properties and aesthetically pleasing “look”, timber is well-known for plenty of its positive attributes - but not so much for its economic advantages.

This is surprising. Not only is timber cheap to source and build with, it also comes with incredibly handy natural properties, saving you money later down the line. A material, truly, that you can make the most of!

Though the demand is high, building costs of timber stay down.

We live in a growingly demanding construction climate, which makes it harder for the population to source materials for, plan and execute builds - not to mention far more expensive, too.

This isn’t so much the case for companies who work with timber. As the material remains to be readily available, sustainable and useable, costs - by proxy - stay down.

The advantages of this become further apparent when you compare timber to other building materials. Supplies of brick and block have recently suffered shortages, according to UK Construction Media - thereby it’s become more expensive. In turn, this seems to have had a knock-on effect on the bricklaying business: bricklayers are now increasingly difficult to source, 60% of respondents in a recent Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) survey stating they have difficulty tying them down. Not only does this make construction projects a lot more unnecessarily expensive than they have to be, this can also hold up the process a great deal.

The studies reveal all.

Yes, costs will always vary depending on the size and requirements of your construction project - but timber’s economic advantages often transcend architectural differences.

A study called Commercial Building Costing Case Studies, which compares the costs of four very different types of build to see how prices measured up between materials, shows that building with timber can be up to 10-15% cheaper to construct than traditional designs.

This both suggests that not only is it likely that timber is a suitable material for your construction project (able to adapt to a variety of briefs and needs), it’s very possibly the cheapest solution you’ll find, no matter your vision.

It carries on saving you money even after it’s been built with.

Timber’s excellent natural properties means that it’s cost-effective even after it’s been used - fulfilling more needs than just serving as a simple framework!

For instance, timber’s insular properties means it naturally helps heat your building for you, so you can spend less money on energy costs.

Timber is also incredibly durable, able to withstand any number of elements - including earthquakes that measure 7.7 on the Richter scale! This, in turn, helps minimise your risk of damage to your property, and thereby avoids incurring additional costs through repairs.

Get your money’s worth - go for timber.

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