Wood is good… for your creativity


There are seemingly no bounds to timber’s powers

This time, we’re investigating how it has been proven to get those creative juices flowing.

Yes, it’s 100% renewable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy on your pocket, but did you know a timber-built area can also bring out the artistic, inventive streak in yourself, your staff and your pupils? Let us explain…

It gets us talking

In 2012, 44 elderly Japanese residents were studied in wooded surroundings - tables, chairs and tableware - and then analysed in similar plastic surroundings. The results show a marked increase in social interactions when in the presence of wooden products - that is, they were more talkative, open and willing to engage.

Enhanced “self-expression” and engagement can only mean good things for the creativity and productivity of your team. Who knows what groundbreaking ideas you might be missing out by not harnessing timber’s magical abilities to get us talking?

It satisfies our ‘need for nature’

A 2015 study by Planet Ark makes abundantly clear the benefits of ‘biophilic design’ - where nature is incorporated into buildings and man-made surroundings. The use of materials such as timber has been shown to boost cognitive performance by connecting us to our outdoor surroundings.

Timber appeals to our innate desire to interact with nature: Wood - Nature Inspired Design cites “improved mental engagement, alertness, concentration, physiological and psychological responsiveness” when wood is brought into an indoor environment.

It inspires us

The 2015 study Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace turned up some interesting results as it relates to office staff and their working environments. It discovered that 32% of employees with an internal ‘green space’ and wooden surroundings at their workplace report feeling ‘inspired’ by their office; those without a green space only report an inspiration rate of only 18%.

We’re sure you’ll agree that an inspired, galvanised workforce is better than a bored, nonplussed one. Our friends at Planet Ark seem to agree: “Offices with wooden interiors conveyed feelings of innovation, energy and comfort”, whilst those without risk being “impersonal and uncomfortable”.

It allows us to relax - and stop stressing.

No-one’s at their most productive, engaged or creative when they’re stressed out. Amazingly, 2007 research has affirmed that arboreal surroundings “elicit feelings of warmth, comfort and relaxation”. For those interested in minimising potential stress levels - whether their own, their employees’ or their pupils’ - you’d be a plank to overlook timber.

It gives us a dedicated space… for creation.

Through our evolutionary history, humans interacted, learned from and were inspired by nature. A wooded room surrounds us with the natural materials that our ancestors solved life’s problems in. A timber build can also have rooms that serve as dedicated ‘creative spaces’, providing an area to focus, free from distraction.

Or not. I guess that’s the glory of a wooden build - it can adapt to whatever your needs.

So, it might look good, be cost-effective and be environmentally-friendly, but timber also has the ability to greatly increase creativity, productivity and engagement. These are clear economic benefits - what could your business, school pupils or corporate teams be missing out on?

Let us get creative for you - contact us today to discuss your timber-related aspirations.

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