Back of the net: we’ve partnered with York City’s Futsal Academy!

Back of the net: we’ve partnered with York City’s Futsal Academy!


It’s a match made in heaven - we’re delighted to announce our partnership with York City FC’s Futsal Youth Academy. 

You probably know what football is, but might not be 100 per cent clued up on ‘futsal’. Having recently taken off in the UK, it is played inside on smaller pitches and with fewer players than its 11-a-side bigger brother. The term comes from ‘futebol du salão’, meaning ‘hall football’ in Brazilian Portuguese, bringing the traditional outdoor sport indoors.

In that sense, you could say The Stable Company’s builds and futsal have a lot in common - our natural looking builds also endeavour to bring the outdoors in! As a company, we enjoy creating environments in which people thrive, such as classrooms and sports buildings - supporting kids and adults alike as they hone their skills. Stepping forward and supporting the futsal academy made a lot of sense to us.

The York City Futsal Youth Academy provides training sessions and matches - keeping the youngsters fit whilst developing and nurturing their technical skills and team-work. This junior academy forms part of York City FC’s broader futsal set-up; the senior team play in the FA’s National Super League.

As you can probably tell, we’re excited to see the youngsters’ development - and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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